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All our lasers come with life-time free update, dentist certification and direct support including clinical.

The Quicklase lasers are unique 3-in-1 lasers, with dual wavelength technology (810nm & 980nm), you can use both wavelengths together or individually for better coagulation and lasing.

The soft tissue diode lasers are available with a choice of power for 7 key applications: Surgery, implants, coagulation, perio, endo, whitening and pain therapy LLLT.

Quicklase lasers come complete with all accessories including the All-in-One handpiece with whitening and therapy prisms, as well as laser training certified by BILD.

The laser cases are made from a light aluminium and steel material for 100% EMC protection.

Lasers replace three instruments in the vast majority of cases, the scalpel, the electrosurgery unit as well as retraction cord.

Used by dentists including Orthodontists, Periodontists, Endodontists, Implantologists and Hygienists.

Can also be used by veterinarians for various procedures.

All our lasers are certified and approved under MDD MDR CE UKCA ready and FDA 510k.

Made in the UK by Quicklase giving you direct backup & support. We are an ISO 13485:2016 company.

“It’s a marketing as well as clinical instrument; lasers are the ideal cutting instrument for soft tissue. If you are interested in raising the profile of your surgery then buy a laser now. You will notice the difference…”
Dr Ashley Watson
“For any one who is practising above average Dentistry, then Dr Maini’s course on the use of soft tissue Quicklase laser has got to be a priority. The machine is exceptionally easy to use and the backup from the manufacturers is first class. The clinical results and the satisfaction of providing a high standard of care are worth the investment!”
Dr Mahesh Patel
“This 10 Watt soft tissue laser unit is the best that I have laid my hands upon. It is a part of my daily routine for multiple purposes. I had a chance to try Sirolaser and Biolase with great disappointment when it came to the speed with which they functioned and the running costs. I’m still suffering from the consequences of dealing with Henry schein’s admin department after my purchase of a Sirolaser unit which I cancelled.

The Quicklase customer service has been excellent, utterly helpful and fast.”

Dr Nima Amin
“Very happy with the QuickLase course, the equipment and the service offered. What I look for is support all the way through. Leanne and her team were exceptional. I strongly recommend any dentist out there to join this course and ensure their practice is equipped with a diode laser.”
Dr Kev Patel
“Quicklase laser is easy to use, with Quickwhite I always get the results, my patients love it, it is less sensitivity and they love the Eco concept kits specially with our branding. Fantastic results every time. Must have, you have to get Quickwhite to do the branding, inexpensive. The laser has transformed our surgery.”
Dr Imad Thomas
“Having the laser has raised patients awareness of what we do, generates great revenue for private procedures. We use the laser for things we couldn’t do before, I would buy it again and again…”
Dr Edward Waluszewski
“You can fine tune and accurate impressions. No ancillary damaged to surrounding tissue…”
Dr Jay Padayachy
“Honestly priced laser and it works. I love it for the gingival contouring. Buy it with confidence, great company, product and service…”
Dr Paymon Langroudi
“This laser system fits in our high level high-end cosmetic aesthetic dentistry surgery. The company is second to none when it comes to service and support. Fantastic product…”
Dr Mervyn Druian
“One of the best pieces of equipment that I have bought. It’s small and portable. I do not use the electrosurg anymore. Exceptional results every time. Great to have. You need one…”
Dr James Goolnik
“All dentists and patients have been overjoyed with the results of the laser as used by London and Finchley Dentist – Smile Cliniq… BILD laser hands-on”
Dr Chetan Kaher
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