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Hydrogen Peroxide Syringes


(1 patient)

Option of the new Quickwhite tube or standard case packaging, comes in either 5 or 10 syringe packs.

Now available with the option of super seal custom made trays from our Quickwhite lab. These high quality trays are custom made with carved margins for comfort and a super seal allowing for the best whitening results.

  • Day time: 6% Hydrogen peroxide kit, large 3g syringes packs with re-sealable tips, patient's whitening guide and whitening instructions
  • 12% Hydrogen peroxide syringes, large 3g syringes packs with re-sealable tips

The effective and trusted whitening features a PH neutral formula gel.

Check our special offers for discounts.

These kits can be branded for your surgery, see Branding for more information.

A convenient 2 syringe top-up tube is also available.

Kits with higher peroxide UK/EU allowed limits are for overseas.  Dental use only.

 Product Code: QW6HP
Product Code: QW12HP

These kits do not include Bleaching trays Boil & Bite product code: QWFORMT see whitening consumables

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