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Whitening Consumables

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  • SLT Bleaching Trays


    Patient’s form tray for the upper and the lower. Compatible with all gels. Just boil and suck to form.  Contains: 2 form tray and instruction.

     Product Code: QWSLT

  • Bleaching Trays Boil & Bite


    Patient’s form trays. Compatible with all gels. Just boil & bite.

    Contains: 2 form trays and instruction.

     Product Code: QWFORMT

  • Bleaching Trays


    Professional patient’s custom mouldable trays. Comfortable fit and proper teeth impressions. Used for bleaching. Compatible with all gels. Anatomically preformed. just boil, suck and bite.  To be fitted by a dentist.

    Contains: 1 light blue upper arch, 1 clear lower arch, 1 customising device, 1 holder box.

    Made from Ethilene Vinil Acetate.

     Product Code: QWC0021