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  • Laser Prisms Kit


    The complete prism kit, with laser therapy and laser whitening prisms. Attachments placed on the laser hand piece to enhance the whitening process in-surgery and to relieve TMJ. 

     Product Code: QWLPRISMS

  • Laser Whitening prism


    A clever attachment placed on the laser handpiece to enhance the whitening process in-surgery.  This prism is specially designed and calculated to deliver optimum laser power to release the ETC’s in the whitening powder.

     Product Code: QWLWHITE

  • Laser therapy biostimulation prism


    Specially designed optic prism to transfer laser energy to the tip of the prism to manage TMJ and Biostimulation. The prism is simply attached to the laser handpiece.

     Product Code: QWLTHERAPY

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