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FoamWhite New Revolutionary Whitening

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FoamWhite Introducing the new FoamWhite by QuickWhite, a new revolutionary whitening system for in-surgery and home whitening.

The FoamWhite system is a new way of whitening as it comes in a canister and is dispensed via a spray nozzle, which increases the oxygen free radicals which allows for enhanced whitening results.

FoamWhite can be used for home whitening as it comes with the FoamWhite customisable mouth tray or can be used with a dentist/technician custom made tray.  When using the FoamWhite tray, firstly mould the tray to the teeth then insert the tray in the mouth on both upper and lower arches.  Connect the canister to the nozzle attached to the tray, and then press once to dispense the foam into the tray. The foam spreads to cover all teeth on the upper and lower arches.

When using a custom made tray, spray the foam directly into the tray then insert into the mouth.  The home whitening canister includes 30 applications for 1 patient, so can be used for a 2 week course and maintenance.

The in-surgery canister is a similar process, but without the tray, prep the patient using paint-on-dam to protect the gingiva then spray the foam on to the teeth and leave for 10 minutes, suction off then repeat 2 more times. The system can be used with or without a light, 1 canister is enough for 30 applications, which make a total of 10 patients.

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