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TTL (Through The Lens) loupes are the best option for personal use. These German loupes are designed to combine ergonomics and efficiency. They are comfortable and provide a convenient neck posture for you.

We also provide flip-up loupes which are lightweight, the high performance telescopes are mounted on a hinge system; flip-up loupes can be easily raised when not in use. Easily adjusted, individual PD, can be used by a number of operators and declination angle can be modified.

Magnification available: 2.5x ( the best choice for general dental treatment, as it provides a good amount of magnification, without a decrease in either focal depth or brightness; wide field of view – 120-140mm) and 3.2x (recommended for microsurgery; higher level of magnification implies a significant decrease in the depth-of-field and field size (50-60mm). We would offer you loupes best suited for your purpose (general or microsurgery).

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Product Details TTL

  • Frame options: Jazz Titanium, Bolle Sport, FeelMorys
  • Frame colours: Black/Gun metal, Red, Orange, White, Black, Grey
  • Magnification: x2.5, x3.2
  • Working distance: 300-500mm
  • x2.5 field of view: 120-140mm
  • x3.2 field of view: 50-60mm
  • Wider field of view than Flip-up loupes
Product Details Bajohr LED PowerLight
  • Light intensity: >60,000 lx
  • Light source weight: 9.5g
  • LED colour temp: 6,000K
  • Spot size diameter at 35mm: 60mm
  • LED operating life: 50,000 hours
  • PowerPack weight: 143g
  • PowerPack run time (at highest intensity): >6hours
  • PowerPack life time: >500 recharge cycles
  • Charge time: 2.5 hours
  • Dimmer: 16 steps
Comes complete with:

TTL frame