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  • QuickWhite In-Surgery/Laser


    (3 patients kit)

    The famous and best selling in-surgery/Laser whitening kit for teeth bleaching.
    Contains 3 pots or syringes of QuickWhite for 3 patients, 2 paint-on dam 3g syringes, brushes, pumice, vitamin Es and applicators and colour instruction.  Laser kit QWI001L have Potassium Nitrate 10% wv.  

    Pots for use with 6% – 35% hydrogen peroxide.

    Also available in pre-mixed syringes (6% or 12% gel mix as well as 35%).

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    Our in-surgery kit comes as a kit form and conforms to the UK & European teeth bleaching regulations.

    Kits with higher peroxide UK/EU allowed limits are for overseas. For professional use only.

     Product Code: QWI001

  • Quicklase white kit

    Quicklase White – In-Surgery Laser & Home Whitening


    (1 patient laser whitening kit)

    It is the combined laser whitening kit for in-surgery laser whitening using 35% hydrogen peroxide and continue at home for top-up with 6% Hydrogen peroxide syringes for enhanced results.

    Contains 1 pot of Quicklase white for 1 patient, 1 paint-on dam 1.2g syringes, brush, pumice, vitamin E, Potassium Nitrate 10%, applicator and colour instructions for in-surgery laser procedure.

    In addition 3 syringes of 3g 6% hydrogen peroxide for the patient to take home to continue further whitening.

    Kits with higher peroxide UK/EU allowed limits are for overseas. Dental use only.

     Product Code: QWLASERW

  • Disposable bendable fibre tips


    For quick and easy use with the disposable bendable fibre tips handpiece, for gum cutting, endo and perio. Comes in 400 or 200 microns.

     Product Code: QWDISTIPS

  • Disposable fibre tips handpiece


    Handpiece with disposable fibre tips.

     Product Code: QWDISHAND

  • BioStimulation / Bleaching Handpiece


    Multi-use handpiece used for TMJ and other muscular problems as well as spot bleaching.

     Product Code: QWBIOHPIECE

  • Desktop laser case


    Strong lightweight case to carry the laser, which offers suitable protection when transporting the laser.

     Product Code: QWLCASE

  • Laser Battery Pack


    Battery pack for the lasers 5vdc 10amp.

     Product Code: QWLBATPACK

  • Patients marketing


    Laser marketing available with patients leaflets, A4 display poster and A2 display poster.

    Download the Quicklase poster here 6.5mb.

     Product Code: QWMKT